Hybrid Leaves

Larger Image.

I made some acrylics. Here is one where I liked something in the image. This one is a WIP 8 x 8 inches on board. The photo above is probably slightly more contrasty than the original. The next one, I worked on the digital image, not with filters but by adding brush strokes in ArtRage 2.5 A prelude to fiddling with the original?

Larger Image.

This image is availalable printed in a limited edition. It is available exclusively on Felt, a New Zealand Art & Craft website.

image felt art for sale site

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  1. There’s something here… a blast from nature. Could it be a warning of an embrace?
    I like the more contrasted one.

    I got your prints: “Grain” and “Red” they are stunning! Beautiful paper, rich colors and very well packed
    Thank you Walter…

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