Interrupting the flow to make it flow

Don has just posted about coaching. He describes a process called chunking.

This level being about easy flow it is strange to break the flow into bits (chunks) which logically interrupts the flow. How it works doesn’t matter. It certainly does.


Mao: “Loose Yunnan to save Yunnan”

It applies to the coaching I do in relationship psychotherapy. I teach word-for-word mirroring, that breaks the flow of speaking initially, but it speeds up the flow of meaning.

It applies to getting GTD working as well, chunks!

How would it be coaching someone to be a Cybernaught? Some steps follow.

Updated Wednesday, 18 March, 2009

One aspect of that role is to be able to make links in a blog.

What is a link? A hyperlink that is. It is a word in a document that is active, in that if you click on it with a mouse it takes you to another document.

But you knew that.

OK, each document has an address. It is in the top of the browser in the Address bar. That is the address we want to include in the link we are making.

Open the page or document you want to make a link to in the browser.

COPY the address you want onto the clipboard (Ctrl C). Open the doc where you want to make the link (for example the Dashboard where you are making a blog post).

Now you are looking at the page where you want to make a link. In the clipboard (out of sight but not out of mind) is the address you are going to paste.

in HTML a link it looks like this:

<a href=””>Blog</a>

The word Blog will be visible and the rest is the ‘mark-up” behind the scenes that make the wor an active link.

Type in the word that will carry the link, for example “Article”.

Select that word.

In wordpress you can using the Link button at the top of the Text entry window.  In Visual view it has a small icon of links in a chain.  In HTML (recommended) it simply says: Link.

So Click “Link” and PASTE (Ctrl V)

Do that about 500 times – use the tab browsing instinctively, learn to make links in the blogroll, how to link to another site with one click! How to unlink, trackback and so on, and the Cybernaught emerges. I link therefore I am.

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