How to create a socially mediated TV Channel on Twitter #waltzzzTV

I had a good TV night last night as I used my Twitter list’s recommendations to watch YouTube & other videos. Today at lunch we were discussing how to consciously optimise that experience. How to create list of tweets with TV links that would make good watching.

Thoughts on that question follow.

Like minded people? Hashtags? My “good TV” may not be your “good TV”. I want a tribe of people that hover around the same stuff in the way of reading, podcasts, and TV. Nothing has quite done it for me yet, not Virtual Community, Mailinglist groups, Facebook or twitter.

Right now I am trying two hashtags on twitter:

#waltzzzTV and #waltzzzMovies

I am not sure if this is the best way. In the case of TV I’m interested in the following for this tag:

1. Watchable on the iPhone
2. Not too heavy and long
3. with one or more of these Keyword qualities:

Gripping, political, culture, psychological, geeky, technology, creative, art, philosophy, evolutionary, revolutionary, future, meaningful, deep, pop,

That is what #waltzzzTV is about.

If I tweet it may be that I want to see it, or that I have seen it. In the latter case I’ll give it a star on a five point scale.

I will deprecate this tag if I find a better way. However there may be additional ways!

Is there already such a channel that is already crowd sourcing such material?

I can’t see how one of the new Lists would do it, as lists are full of people who tweet about anything. Hashtags are the way, I think.

This is a form of endless Playlist creation…

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