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New Chapter on Technology in Supervision!

Authored by DeeAnna Nagel, Stephen Goss and Kate Anthony, a new chapter called “The Use of Technology in Supervision” has just been published under the section heading “Emerging and Specialist Issues” in “The Clinical Practice of Supervision”, edited by Pelling, Barletta and Armstrong, published by Australian Academic Press (2009).

In the chapter, we discuss

Technology Assisted Supervision
Enhancing the Use of Video and Audio through Analytical and Research Software
Extending Direct Observation
Delivery via phone, email, listserv, chat, videoconferencing and virtual worlds
Review of the Current Standards for issues such as contracting, informed consent, legalities, confidentiality and encryption, the use (and abuse) of verbatim material
Issues of transference and countertransference
The Suitability of the Supervisor regarding technical competency, training and education

The chapter concludes with questions and activities and has an OTI hand-picked selection of resources and references.

A worthy addition to any online therapy library, and wwe hope you enjoy it!



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