NSW Rivers in a State of Shock

This looks to be the most organised group I can find opposing the destruction of the Dharawal reserve.

Rivers SOS,
PO Box 73, Douglas Park,
NSW 2569
Enquiries to: riverssos@riverssos.com

Rivers SOS

NSW Rivers in a State of Shock Rivers SOS is an alliance of over 40 environmental and community groups concerned with the wrecking of rivers in New South Wales by mining operations.

Mining threat: Dharawal land and rock art

Sharyn Cullis the secretary of the Georges River environmental alliance (left) and Pat Durman an executive member of the National Parks Association (NPA) Macarthur branch (right) swims in O'Hares Creek, at a swimming spot called Cobong in the Dharawal State Conservation area

Among the state’s cleanest creeks … Sharyn Cullis and Pat Durman swim in O’Hares Creek in the Dharawal State Conservation Area. Photo: Kate Geraghty

Preposterous that coal mining could destroy this region!

This pool is just like the one where spent the endless summers of my childhood, Heathcote Creek, a tributary of the Woronora River, like O’Hare’s Creek a tributary of the George’s River. I am only recently learning about the Dharawal aboriginal people who are connected to this land.

I am reading: Rivers and Resilience: Aboriginal People on Sydney’s George River (I’ll post more later about that book)

I am outraged by the proposals to destroy these areas. This must be stopped. I hope that there is a massive opposition to these offensive plans. Please comment if you know of petitions, or campaigns.

Mining ‘threat to swamps and rock art’:

Resistance is growing to coalmine plans, writes Ben Cubby.

Full article from the SMH follows:
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Wendy Whiteley story of her life with Brett Whiteley, Australian artist

Just been listening & watching an ABC video. Great story.

Talking Heads: 2009: Wendy Whiteley Podcast 26:00 10/08/2009 Wendy Whiteley: Peter Thompson talks to artist Wendy Whiteley about her extraordinary journey from swinging sixties London and New York to a tranquil garden at the edge of Sydney Harbour.

Video (mp4)


Images and comments follow.

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Shoalhaven Art

I have a nasty feeling as I surf the web that I should be working or creating, but if I had done that I would not have found Patrick Shirvington’s art or learned about the Arthur Boyd residency.  Now:  https://www.bundanon.com.au/

I love the Shoalhaven River in NSW, Australia – one of my favourite places. I canoed down it when I was in my late teens and also went on a few bushwalking trips. I enjoyed a video recently of Arthur Boyd doing huge plein air on the river. It is a place where I would love to go & do art!

Images follow. Both of them inspire me to keep going with my landscapes, and I need a bit of inspiration on that right now.

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Wide brown land

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror �
The wide brown land for me!

We had to say this at school in the fifties – over and over and the imprinting sticks. I love the place. Went there recently for the Psychodrama Conference in Brisbane, spent a week in northern NSW, driving around, camping, the poem kept rolling through my head, especially when there were floods or sweeping pains. I saw plenty of both while there.