I found this image in a neglected place on my iPad,  in an app  I was trying out. I must have made it some years ago. Today it resonated. I’ve been thinking about the value of containment and the value of a clear focus on a point.

These values are to deal with the mess in life, and also to enable the mess we cover up to emerge*. I’m thinking of the messiness in couples and groups, they have a socius, a dynamic flow of relationship connections that can be seen, known and explored.  They can be, if a couple of conditions are met.  One, if there is a holding frame, such as a strong commitment boosted by a ceremony, or a potent name and time frame. Inside that container there are things to discover, bringing us to the next point. Two, being present in a moment, fully in it together. Think of a kiss, or a song.

So, now I’ll give this sketch a name.  Holding a Moment.

*Mess is ofcourse another word for soul.

Full image:

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