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A long list of images & links of digital artists. I am on the hunt for digital artists who I feel aesthetic affinity with. There is so much beautifully executed stuff that looks like it is from fantasy games, si-fi book covers or glamour magazines. What prompted this search is finding Brian Grimwood who is on my list. My recent post.

I think that finding the simple hand made work I like is hard because there are not a lot of Tablet PCs out there. Using the Wacom tablet separate from the screen perhaps does not foster the the presence of the hand. Also there are so many features & filters that simplicity is hard to find.

Digital Art Wikipedia:

Some say we are now in a postdigital era, where digital technologies are no longer a novelty in the art world, and “the medium is the message”(Marshall McLuhan). Digital tools have now become an integral part of the process of making art. As silicon-dry digital media converges with wet biological systems, Roy Ascott has pointed to the emergence of a “moistmedia” substrate for 21st century art.[1]

What is a “moistmedia” substrate? That sounds interesting. But where is this stuff?

Found this:

Ascott, Roy
Technoetic Pathways toward the Spiritual in Art: A Transdisciplinary Perspective on Connectedness, Coherence and Consciousness
Leonardo – Volume 39, Number 1, February 2006, pp. 65-69

The MIT Press

Intechnology we are witnessing the convergence of dry computational systems and wet biological processes, involving the assembly of bits, atoms, neurons and genes in conjunctions that will provide the artist with a new kind of material substrate, for which I have coined the term moistmedia [1]. Of these components, it is the bit that is the most familiar to artists: computational systems and digital media have dominated the techno-art scene for at least 30 years. Attention in this paper, however, is directed to the atom, to the nano level of interaction, and to the molecular domain—more particularly, to an organism’s information network of photons emitted by DNA molecules, paralleled technologically by the constant flows of electrons and photons across the body of the planet through telematic networks.


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Paint? More from the workshop…

Larger Image.

Here is another cross. This one is a hybrid. The back-ground is paint and the verticals are digital. There is no original either, the base image was from a shot I took of part of the canvas, resized from landscape to square, beefed up the image in post-production. I think it will make a good print.

I still have the 600×600 mm original acrylic but it got tortured out of recognition! A lot of agony & ecstasy.
This one shows a some of what I learned over the three days. Layers. Removing paint in a variety of ways. I will keep going with this. More hybrids, and perhaps the other way around too! I could print the vertical on the texture.

My goal is to make a set of physical ones.


Some more from the workshop soon, I still have the photos to take.

Later: Saturday, 5 July, 2008

This image is now featured in the Gallery

full size

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Brian Grimwood – illustrations – book & chat

I am back from the workshop and had a bit of a browse of the bookstore. The little “Coffee With… series caught my eye… because of the illustrations on the front. (Coffee with Michael Angelo, by James Hall, fun!)


On Amazon (click the image) you can see links to the others in the series, I particularly like the Mozart one, interesting use of colour. The artist is Brian Grimwood, I have just been exploring his website with delight. Ok, it is commercial art, but it is art. The image that follows is a good example of artistic exploration. I am in tune with that right now having been doing it solidly for three days. My hunch is that these illustrations are all digital, and he is a lovely digital sketcher!

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North Canterbury

A new project. Landscapes. Unsure as ever but need to follow this. As in the Earth Crosses the starting point is Thousand Sketches. One or two are coming straight over as part of the new series, but mostly I am redoing old ones and making new ones. I want to find about a dozen I like.

Some new aspects I am noticing. The calligraphic lines, all of them in this series. while digital, will have this, I am pursuing this. The other new thing is that I will use these sketches to make oils. I will post them as I do them but on the whole I’d like to present a selected set of them, digital images and corresponding oils.

What I like is that via the blog the unity of the work is maintained. These images can “phone home”.

I wrote this to a friend who commented on my work:

“The whole cyberspace side of it is important to me, I think it will impact art more and more. The objects, even when one off and in paint etc, can have a ‘virtual life’ as well, they can forever be linked to the artists words and to other items in the project or series… books & letters did it occasionally, but it was complex, hit and miss. I think it is a significant step in this era. So I am glad you noticed that aspect of the work.”

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Metal II

Metal II
Larger Image.

This one came from the same impulse as the last, but without the paper texture.

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Pentimento, nice word

Pentimento – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A pentimento (plural pentimenti) is an alteration in a painting, evidenced by traces of previous work, showing that the artist has changed his mind as to the composition during the process of painting. The word derives from the Italian pentirsi, meaning to repent.

Mine don’t show the traces but I repent, repent, repent.

Here is one I like and just tweaked:

What follows is the previous saved version.

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Hand Made

I listen occasionally to Brooks Jensen’s short podcasts on photography, they often apply to all art and creativity, he is a thoughtful man. The Lenswork publication is beautiful. The website is beautiful. He has a great piece about printing images, all of which I fully concur with.

Here is the full archive: LensWork Recent Podcasts

I just listened to this one: LW0405: Considering Content, Considering Medium

It talks about the presence of the hand of the artist. So that is right on topic with the stuff I was looking at re Walter Benjamin recently. The useful point he makes is that some art is more hand-dependent than others, I am not sure if that is his word or not. Painting is at one extreme, and photography on the other.

Which makes images that are made by hand, but digital an interesting case in point. The hand is more there in the file, but when it comes to reproduction it is much like a photo.

My sketches work quite well if they are just printed on some machine in a store, but they loose a lot. The prints I make are another whole story, it has taken me a long time to perfect my technique, and there are rejects as I learn. I have found better paper, and I now have better mastery over the software, ie the colour.

So when I sign a print it means I am satisfied it is as good as I can do it.

The great masters of the darkroom probably have a strong hand in the work as well. Look at this by Sally Mann for instance.

There are a few twists to this reflection…

One is that my printing of the images influences what I make when I make digital images. In some deep way where medium is the muse, but I will tweak an image to make it work well as a print, and then the final version is posted on the net. This means it works well on my combination of screen, software, hardware paper & ink. That will be hard to replicate ever again! (I can’t always do it!)

When I do sign something that is 100% hand-dependent.

The other thought I had is that somewhere, sometime, someone and they may have already done it for all I know one of my images is presented in a way that is just wonderful. My hand, their craft.

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Earth Crosses Series Complete

I am really satisfied with my Earth Crosses series. It includes some from the Thousand Sketches and some I did since. If you have been reading my blog you will have seen most of them, but they look best together. It is this series I am working on exhibiting.


Here is the last one in the series.

Golden Cross

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Wired Picks Its 10 Favorite 2007 Illustrations

Wired Picks Its 10 Favorite 2007 Illustrations

They look ok, but I can’t tell anymore, I am drowning in images. This one stands out.

Riccardo Vecchio captures this context exquisitely in his rich illustration of gene therapy pioneer French Anderson: It looks both modern and traditional, at once.

I am interested in their phrase: “modern and traditional” it looks as if the digital touch makes it modern.

Riccardo Vecchio

Image follows

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In this moment – perverted

In this moment… Perverted
Larger Image.

Long Views » Blog Archive » Jon Ippolito and Joline Blais, “At the Edge of Art”

Art, like the antibodies in our immune system, creates alien forces in service of the whole. It anticipates threats and models them. It is a diversity agent.

Two forms of that process were explained and shown by Ippolito and Blais: perversion, and execution.

Here is an image of this blog, In this moment… perverted by shredder… It really is of the moment, I’ll do another some time later.

They are saying some interesting things here, diversity agent is a nice phrase, they point to what art can do, but there is more to it, of course. I want to point to the way art reveals the invisible. Their examples show that but they use a biological analogy. I prefer a psychological one, say “royal road” … which takes us beyond the social, functions of art more quickly.