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The Challenge of Creating Change: Freud and the Budda in Dialogue with Imago
Join Harville Hendrix for a preview of the keynote presentation at the 8th Annual Conference

I listened to it and found it quite wonderful.

Harville places connectedness as a form of consciousness akin to or surpassing enlightenment. That is quite something. It makes sense to me as there is a resonance through the cosomos, things connect.

Spotted another Harville Hendrix one there on Behaviour Change:

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Tariq Ali on Islam, the US China – Kim Hill interview

Very good to hear this interview today. It is incredible that a broad left perspective can be voiced so clearly but so little heeded. Listen to this interview, it is rare to get such crisp insight into world dynamics. It hard enough to understand the world, let alone when most of what we hear is designed to insulate us from insight. If people in New Zealand listened to these perspectives and engaged fully, even to challenge, then we would not be in Afganistan. No one wants a US empire and their assassinations, drones, war machine, and other antics of an empire in its death throws.

It is only a revolutionary socialist’s perspective that ever makes sense to me, but it is one that is largely invisible. Chomsky might be another speaker who has a world perspective worthy of discussion. The dominant media creates a climate where these voices are side-lined and certainly not discussed seriously. It is wonderful that this is in the public domain on New Zealand national Radio – I respect Kim Hill for at least listening without ridicule.

Right click to download, click to play:

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There is meant to be a way to put this on my blog, not (only) on the Storify site. But it does not seem to work.

Never the less, this is a slice of the Moranien psychodrama mentions on the net on July 9 2011. Some good stuff there. (I thought I’d posted this before? – perhaps it was one of the ones that got lost in the db crash?)

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