Horses as Therapists

Equestrian Quest!

The philosophy here is very familiar! Kate thinks like this, and it is lovely to see such a kindred establishment. The ethos here is excellent & wll expressed.

Horses as Therapists
Journey to wholeness through horses.


Horses As Therapists (HAT) is a psychotherapy program facilitated by Guil Dudley, Ph.D., a Jungian analyst and Director of Equestrian Quest. Because of the size, nobility, and archetypal power of the horse, the interface between horse and client often brings breakthroughs more quickly than in traditional talk therapy. Whether the horse elicits projections of fear, acceptance, strength or vulnerability, these feelings usually are intense enough for the work to go straight to the core issues. Precisely how and why this happens is ultimately a mystery, according to Guil and other therapists who work with horses.

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